I’m a Software Engineer, mostly.


I work for Red Hat. I’m there some kind of a plumber working in different areas including Cloud, Virtualization, Operating systems (Fedora), RPMs, Middleware (JBoss AS/EAP) and Polyglot. I’m part of project:odd.

For a few years I was the BoxGrinder project leader — a simple solution for creating virtual appliances for Cloud and many virtualization providers. Currently I’m busy helping with the TorqueBox project — a Ruby application server and packaging and maintaining WildFly/JBoss AS into Fedora.

And yes - I have a GitHub profile.


If I have the chance — I’m giving talks on conferences and not only.


You can also look at my LinkedIn profile.

Other things

Some time ago I was pretty active in propagating open communication using XMPP protocol. I have my own public XMPP server —

I am co-author of Hapi — a polish easy to use XMPP client.