Running Fedora Cloud images on KVM

Inspired by Matt’s blog post I’ve decided to make something that is similar but better fits my use case. I plan to do some clustering and routing testing and therefore I need to have similar VMs running side-by-side. These images will be short-lived and I would like to automate as many things I can.

Additionally, I found out that the images shipped by Fedora require some changes to work well in my case, for example the default 2GB disk is too small.


Wrong battery estimate in Fedora on Lenovo ThinkPad 430s

I had a power mangement issue when running Fedora 19 (and later 20) on my Lenovo ThinkPad 430s. When the battery was low - the laptop just powered off itself, without a clean shutdown or even warning me. As you may guess - this wasn’t something I very happy about.

I discovered that it happens when the battery is still at 15%. The system reported at that time still about 40 min of available time.