Impressions after Fedora Test Day for JBoss Application Server

Yesterday we had JBoss AS Test Day. Since the early morning hours we received help with testing the RPM packaged JBoss AS.

And what's the general impression?


JBoss AS Fedora Test Day - today!

We're going today to test the (very) fresh JBoss Application Server which was packaged into Fedora. I hope you have some time to join us!

Most recent information you can find on the JBoss AS Fedora Test Day wiki page.


New song: 'Connection'

Below you can find my latest song I made with Makul over the last year. We planned to do a song together since a few years, but it always failed because of lack of time.

Finally in April this year we met at Makul's house, had a couple of beers and started the work. This is the output of our work. Melody line and part of beat is Makul's work whereas I arrnged and finished the whole thing. A few days ago the song was mastered.


Openness in the community

I'm sure there are hundreds of blog posts explaining how to care for an open source community. These are my notes. If you find them useful - that's awesome - if not - please tell me why.

I'm a member of several communities, just to name a few: JBoss, TorqueBox, Fedora Cloud, Fedora Java and of course BoxGrinder.