JBoss projects as Docker images

I recently announced the availability of the official WildFly Docker image. Since then, our portfolio of images has grown a bit - as of today, we have 8 images. But this is not the end. We want to have a nice collection of JBoss projects shipped as Docker images.

Automated builds

All of our images are hooked up to automated builds. When we push an update to the repository, a new image will be created and pushed to the global registry. I also set up links between the images so if a base image is updated, our dependent images will be rebuilt. This is a fully automated process that ensures you get the latest available software.

Docker microsite

Today I’m happy to announce the Docker dedicated microsite on jboss.org.

JBoss Docker microsite

We crafted the http://jboss.org/docker website to show, in one place, all the images we currently ship. It additionally provides basic information about each project and detailed information about each image.

Of course, the list of all repositories is also available from hub.docker.com!

Help us to help you!

We’re happy to add new images! You can even help us by opening a pull request or just let us know what projects you would like to see in the portfolio. Do not hesitate to create bug reports (if you find any) too!

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