Even more Docker - Fedora news

It has been a while since my last blog post about recent Docker changes in Fedora. We’ve done some significant work over the last three weeks. Now it’s time to wrap it up.

Docker is available in the repositories

Now you can enjoy Docker on your Fedora system by executing just one command:

yum install docker-io

If you’re on RHEL/CentOS you still need to enable epel-testing repository. This shouldn’t be necessary once the lxc package will be available in stable.

yum install docker-io --enablerepo epel-testing

We also created systemd (or init.d — for EPEL) scripts for you so you can easily manage the Docker service.

To make it all happen, in the last 3 weeks we have closed 19 bugs.


Please report all issues regarding the docker-io package in Red Hat Bugzilla in the correct place:

Docker Registry is packaged

This is new: some time ago I opened a review request for the docker-registry package. It has been finished and I was able to submit an update yesterday. Today I’ve added support for EPEL 6 and submitted a new update.

Over the next few hours the docker-registry package will be pushed to updates-testing (or epel-testing for EPEL) so you’ll be able to play with it.

In Fedora:

yum install docker-registry --enablerepo updates-testing


yum install docker-registry --enablerepo epel-testing


And again, please report all issues in Red Hat Bugzilla in the correct place:

What’s next

The major packaging work is done. Now it is your turn — please install these packages, use them, and report all issues in the places mentioned above. We’ll make sure they are fixed.

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