WildFly is approaching Fedora

In April 2013 the JBoss Application Server rename to WildFly was announced at Devoxx. Since then the WildFly team made a couple of Alpha releases. They all start with version 8.0.0 to highlight the fact that WildFly is the successor of JBoss AS.


Immediately after the first release of WildFly I’ve started to think about getting it into Fedora.

A few days ago I finished upgrading all required components and finally packaged Alpha3 version of WildFly. It’s already available in Rawhide and in Fedora 20 updates-testing repository.


As you can imagine the name change triggered some changes to the Fedora jboss-as package. The most visible one is the package rename. In Fedora 20+ the jboss-as package is replaced with wildfly. Other than dependencies upgrade and some scripts name changes nothing was dramatically changed - you can still expect thing to work as you’re used to.

If you hit any issues - please let me know!

Of course WildFly is a brand new application server with some new great features like Java EE 7 support, so do not forget to test your new apps on it!

Today I submitted a new update for Fedora 20 that includes the Alpha4 version. It fixes also a few bugs reported to me (thanks!). I personally feel that this update is pretty stable. Give it a shot and don’t forget to bump the karma!

The future

The plan is simple - package the most recent version of WildFly and make it available in the shortest period of time after the upstream release. With the Fedora 20 Final release approaching (planned 2013.11.19) - I’m going to make everything possible to package 8.0.0.Final before so Fedora 20 can ship stable version of WildFly since the beginning. This will be a very tough task since the release dates are very close to each other. If not - the 8.0.0.Final will be a 0-day update.

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