GeeCON 2013

I haven’t been giving talks lately. There were various reasons for it; but the most important is that I was busy with the Fedora/JBoss AS stuff for quite some time. The good (?) news is that I’m back to real programming. Since a couple of months I’m helping with TorqueBox, expecially in the messaging space. This is a great opportunity to share this cool stuff with people.


I’ve decided to submit my first ever talk to GeeCON and it was accepted, yay! I know the conference pretty well and I enjoy it every time I’m attending. This is also true to the OpenSpaces co-event which is held the day after the main conference (this year it’s 18th May). For more information about the conference please reach out to the conference page.

I’m giving a talk titled Messaging and scheduled jobs made simple about messaging features of TorqueBox on the first day (Wed, May 15), at 11:40am.

What can you expect?

  • Really quick introduction to TorqueBox (nope, I’m not going to discuss all its features)
  • Java Message Service concepts refresh
  • Messaging features explained with a demo for each feature showing how to use it
  • Introduction to scheduled jobs (with demo too!)

Hope to see you at GeeCON!

Update 21.05.2013

Thanks for attending my talk!

If you missed the presentation, don’t worry! Slides are available here for you. If you’re interested in the demos - you can grab them from this repository.

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