JBoss AS Fedora Test Day - today!

We’re going today to test the (very) fresh JBoss Application Server which was packaged into Fedora. I hope you have some time to join us!

Where I can read more about the test day?

Most recent information you can find on the JBoss AS Fedora Test Day wiki page.

How should I prepare?

Make sure you have a Fedora 17 environment somewhere (VM preferred) with latest updates installed. This is very important.

What we’ll test?

We’ll have some test cases. But you’re not limited to these test cases. Feel free to test the server at your own too!

Where we’ll meet?

I am available on IRC in #fedora-test-day channel on freenode.

How can I participate?

You can help us with testing and proposing test cases! After you execute the test cases, please add your results to the table.

See you online!

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